Clean hardwood floors by using a dust mop to remove dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris from the floor, or use the floor-brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner weekly or twice a week. Deep clean the floors with a wood-cl... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

All flooring requires some level of cleaning, but there are some types of flooring that are easier to maintain than others. Low-maintenance flooring includes vinyl, engineered wood and porcelain tile. More » Home & Garden Appliances

With the occasional deep cleaning, weekly vacuuming and the use of wood floor cleaners, cleaning hardwood floors becomes easier over time. Selecting a wood cleaner suitable for hardwood floors also ensures effectiveness ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Restore the shine to hardwood floors by removing dust or dirt using a vacuum or dust mop, cleaning the floor with a hardwood cleaner, and buffing the surface of the floor until it is dry. The amount of time needed to com... More »

Weekly cleaning of hardwood floors is best performed with an electrostatic dust mop that is effective at picking up dirt, dust, pet hair and dander. Over time, an electrostatic dust mop doesn't effectively remove all oil... More »

For debris such as dirt or pet hair, the best way to clean a rubber floor is using a broom or a vacuum. For scuffs or stains, using a mild soap and water solution is the best choice. A vinegar and water solution also wor... More »

Most of the time, caring for hardwood floors means using a dust mop or vacuum to remove any dirt that is tracked into a home. Occasionally, these floors require deep cleaning. Use a hardwood approved cleaner, a sponge mo... More » Home & Garden Cleaning