For the best results with Scotts Step 2 lawn fertilizer, use a seed spreader and apply the fertilizer while the grass is wet. Apply it in the morning when the ground is still soaked in dew or after a thorough watering of... More »

The best fertilizer to use on a lawn depends on a number of factors, including which nutrients, if any, the lawn lacks and the type of grass being used, according to the University of Minnesota. The age of the lawn is an... More »

Some tips for installing a lawn through hand-seeding include buying top-quality seed, preparing the soil properly, using a fertilizer spreader to spread the seed, and watering. Another top tip for planting a lawn by hand... More »

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Adjust the settings on a Scotts Speedy Green lawn spreader by locating the adjustment tool and placing it on the correct setting for the lawn product you are using. Newer Scotts Speedy Green lawn spreaders use a rotary k... More »

Scotts spreader parts can be found online from agricultural part supply stores such as or by visiting, selecting the Spreaders, Mowers and Tools link on the left side of the homepage and click... More »

Lime treatment is applied to a lawn using a rotary-style spreader or by hand if using ground limestone. Spinning and drop type spreaders also effectively spread the pellet form of limestone. Lime is applied in a pattern ... More »

Use a Scotts Speedy Green spreader by selecting the appropriate setting, loading the product into the spreader, and walking back and forth across your lawn until you cover the entire area. Different lawn products require... More »