The best foods to consume for a healthy liver are garlic, grapefruit, beets, leafy greens, avocados, cruciferous vegetables, lemons, walnuts and the spice turmeric, states the Huffington Post. The liver is an organ that ... More » Health Nutrition & Diets

Eating fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products can keep the kidneys healthy, states the National Kidney Disease Education Program. Limiting alcohol and sodium intake is also strongl... More » Health Nutrition & Diets

There is no scientific evidence, as of 2015, proving that eating certain foods improves psoriasis, according to Health Magazine. However, eating a healthy diet that helps control or lose weight, one that includes plenty ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases
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According to the Global Healing Center, there are specific foods that help to cleanse the liver, including garlic, beets, carrots, leafy greens, avocados and apples. Even though the liver naturally detoxifies fat and tox... More » Health Nutrition & Diets

The best foods for heart health are fresh vegetables, especially leafy greens. Fresh or dried fruits are also very heart healthy. Fat-free or low-fat dairy products are heart healthy, as are nuts, seeds and foods made wi... More » Food Food Facts

Some of the best foods to eat to treat gout include lean meats, steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, baked potatoes, green salad and whole-grain, unsweetened cereal, says Mayo Clinic. Drinking coffee and cutting back on alco... More » Health Nutrition & Diets

Foods that are a part of a liver cleansing detox diet include garlic, grapefruit and leafy green vegetables, explains Global Healing Center. Both garlic and grapefruit aid in activating liver enzymes, while the plant chl... More » Health Nutrition & Diets