White people can use hair relaxers, or chemical hair treatments, to straighten curly or frizzy hair. White people's hair does have different hair curl patterns than other ethnicities' hair, so lye-based products may be t... More »

Most hairstylists recommend waiting for about a week before washing the hair after getting a relaxer. This is the best way to make sure the hair adjusts to the chemical treatment and the results last. More »

Hair relaxer lasts between six and eight weeks. This is a lotion that makes the hair softer and a lot easier to manage; this is an ideal solution to reduce unwanted curling in hair. Because this is not a permanent straig... More »

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The most common way to straighten curly hair without the use of a flat iron or other heat source is through the use of chemical relaxers and straighteners. This method should be used only by a trained cosmetologist becau... More »

To tame frizzy hair, use gentle shampoos and heavy conditioners. Apply hair serum, and blow dry with a diffuser attachment or by pointing the nozzle down the hair shaft. Once the hair dries, use water and conditioner to ... More »

Hair spa is a conditioning treatment used to remedy dandruff, scalp aging, mental stress, dull and frizzy hair, and hair impurities. Hair spas also deep condition, thicken the hair, normalize oil secretion and rehydrate ... More »

To fix frizzy hair, choose a conditioner with protein, mix the conditioner with water, and then use your fingers to apply the solution to your hair. Avoid relaxers and straighteners, and only brush your hair when it's we... More »