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Eyeglass frames complement a person's face shape when the shape of the frame is opposite to the shape of the face. Oval-shaped frames flatter heart-shaped faces, rectangular frames flatter oblong faces, angled frames complement round faces, and round frames flatter squa...


The best glasses for each face shape generally balance out the heavier features of that shape, so people with round faces may look better in narrow, angular frames, while people with square faces often look better with curved frames. People with oval faces can usually w...


A dodecahedron is the name given to a polyhedron made up of 12 equal pentagons. It is one of the five Platonic solids: a group of regular, convex polyhedrons made up of congruent, polygonal faces.


To determine your face shape, evaluate the relationship between the length of your face, the width of your forehead and the width of your jaw line. For example, if your forehead and cheekbones are the two widest points of your face, and you have a narrower jaw line, you...


To figure out the best frame shape for your face shape, first measure your features to determine which of the seven face shapes you have, then choose frames that add proportionality and emphasize your personal best features. Ensure that the frame size is in scale with y...


Heart-shaped and oval face shapes look the best with balanced and gentle eyebrows. Faces that are square-jawed or round-shaped look more appealing with eyebrows that are arched and well-defined.


A water-based enamel paint is the best to use for glass. Some types of glass paints require an undercoat prior to painting and an overcoat to protect the design.