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Some good gift ideas for a young girl who has just become a big sister include personalized T-shirts and mugs, an inexpensive camera and her own photo album, new books, or a toy baby bag for her doll. Grown-up big sisters may also enjoy perfumes, cosmetics or clothes.


Some fun ideas for family Christmas gifts include creating gag gifts to lighten up the holidays and start a personalized rotating box gift that recipients pass on to each other. Organizing a gift sampler allows the recipient to enjoy a variety of gifts in one convenient package.


Some gift ideas to make for a boyfriend include personalized cups, manly pillows, uniquely packaged dishes or snacks and custom-designed picture frames. A boyfriend is likely to be impressed by just about any gift that is personally made by his girlfriend, suggests Snappy Pixels.


Personal items such as photo albums, engraved jewelry or furniture are a few gift ideas for in-laws. Choosing a gift for an in-law can be challenging if the in-laws live far away from a family. It's hard to know what the in-laws may need or want most when there is no interaction with them on a regul


To give a friend free "Farm Town" gifts, select the gift from the gifts page, choose the recipient of the gift from the gift recipients list, and press Send. To send gifts to multiple friends at once, open the gifts page in different tabs and repeat the process.


Good gift ideas for Christmas depend on the recipient, but can include colorful throws, classic books, gilded bowls and bracelets with a message that appears handwritten. Giftgivers also can consider practical gifts such as note cards, coffee cups, comfortable slippers, calendars and gloves.


Some great first-birthday gift ideas include toys that a child can push and pull, fill and spill, sort and stack, and rock and roll. For instance, a push toy is a buggy that the child leans on and pushes. This type of gift helps the child learn to walk and build balance. After children gain experien


A passage of time photo set is a good gift for parents. This gift shows parents their child's growth from infancy through toddlerhood, school age and college age up to the child's current age. Putting the pictures in a nice silver- or gold-plated frame, or in several different frames, makes this a g


Want to treat yourself or your BFFs? Here, nine gift ideas to get you started. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Promise. Even if that goddess is yourself. Want to treat yourself or your BFFs? Here, nine gift ideas to get you started. Treat yours


Let your friend know that they're on your mind with a special gift. Choose from succulents, trinket trays, cookies, and other treats. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases m