Lower abs can be built by crunching this portion down hard as per every repetition. You can also try to incorporate other exercises that target lower abs like reverse crunches and hanging leg raises. More »

Drinking 16 ounces of water after waking up is a good way to lose weight and attain abs, according to Start with a protein shake or meal that contains at approximately 250 calories. A low-fat diet reveals mor... More »

When working the abdominal muscles, a crunch type exercise combined with a leg lift or knee tuck movement puts focus on the core and lower abdominal muscles, according to WorkoutBOX. Because of this, a workout containing... More »

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The term "lower abs" refers to your rectus abdominus muscle. There are many exercises to work the lower abs and eliminate love handles. To perform the exercises, you need a mat or towel to protect your back from injury. More »

Training abs requires performing exercises that target the muscles of the abdomen and eating a balanced diet that supports your muscles. Training abdominal muscles requires dedication and hard work. More »

According to KnoLab, lower back dimples are defined through exercising and eating right. Lower back dimples can be interpreted as a sign of physical fitness. Some people consider the dimples to be sexy. The dimples occur... More »

The average man can bench press 160 pounds in a single repetition, according to Elite Feet. Adjusted for body weight, the average man can bench press between 100 percent and 149 percent of his body weight in a single rep... More »