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Deck stains should be compared based on properties such as weather protection, finish and opacity. While all stains may provide protection for deck materials, stains may differ drastically in terms of their ingredients, application and quantity of product needed to stain an area.


As reviewed by DeckStainHelp.com on criteria including appearance after initial application, ultra-violet graying after two years, wear and tear, ease of application and color darkening, TWP, Armstrong Clark and Defy deck stains rate most highly. Among the most popular deck stains on the market, Beh


Super Deck transparent wood stain offers long-lasting protection, prevents ultraviolet damage caused by the sun, repels water and resists surface growth of algae and mildews. With transparent finish, the stain highlights the existing wood grain.


Depending on the amount of coverage desired, some good choices for deck stains range from transparent to solid. The solid stain offers the most protection, which is up to 3 years, states Consumer Reports. Deck stains are designed to protect wood texture, but the more opaque stains tend to hide the w


A good wood stain meets environmental regulations (e.g., low levels of volatile organic compounds), penetrates the wood and gives it long lasting protection from the elements.


To choose a deck stain color, test various colors on an unnoticeable area of the deck, consider surrounding dominant colors and choose a color that either complements or covers the wood's natural color. In addition to choosing a color, you need to choose an opacity.


It can take between 2 and 48 hours for deck stain to dry. The amount of time depends primarily on the type of stain used and the weather conditions in which the stain was applied.


Some good stains for composite decking are Penofin's Knotwood Oil Finish, Behr Premium solid color wood stain and Sherwin Williams Deckscape, as noted by MasterHandyman.com. Another stain product suitable for this type of decking is Messmer's Composite Finish.


Good flood deck stains contain ultraviolet protection and a moisture barrier. For durability, a water-based stain in a solid color lasts longer and is easier to care for than an oil-based stain.


Olympic Maximum Stain + Sealant is a medium-quality product, according to DeckStainHelp.com. This water-based product adds semi-transparent color and waterproofs the wood. It also discourages mold growth.