According to the Mayo Clinic, the best time to try to get pregnant is during ovulation. Ovulation occurs approximately 14-15 days after the start of the last period, for women who have an average 28-32 day cycle (timing ... More »

Generally, during the second day of a woman's menstrual cycle, the egg released during ovulation is still maturing, explains Family Education from Pearson Education. This means it is highly unlikely a woman becomes pregn... More »

It is extremely unlikely to become pregnant three days before one's period, according to WebMD. Pregnancy can only occur during ovulation, which happens around 14 days after the last period. However, every woman's menstr... More »

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According to the Whelan Method, a technique named for author Elizabeth Whelan, the best time during a woman’s cycle to conceive a boy is four to six days prior to ovulation, notes Whelan based her techniqu... More »

Modern Mom explains that the easiest time for a woman to get pregnant is during ovulation. If a woman is attempting to get pregnant, there are several ways to track ovulation to increase chances of getting pregnant. More »

A woman can become pregnant at any time during ovulation, which may happen a week before her period. While it is not typical for a woman to become pregnant right before menstruation begins, she may not know the timing of... More »

To determine the date of conception, use an online ovulation calculator found on WebMD or BabyMed. Alternatively, women can identify the last menstrual period that they have had and add 40 weeks to determine due date, wh... More »