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The efficiency of a heat pump is decreased in colder climates. If it is more than moderately cold outside, supplemental and traditional heating systems may be needed to heat the structure in question efficiently.


A heat pump is a mechanical compression cycle refrigeration system that is used to either heat or cool an area. Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one body, such as the ground, air or water, to another body. This can also be reversed to cool an area.


Heat pumps alter the temperature of the air for indoor environments. A reversible heat pump can provide either warm or cold air to an environment. Heat pumps have a shorter amortization time scale than traditional air conditioning systems, making them a more economical ...


A heat pump may be the best way to heat a home for people living in climates where temperatures seldom drop below freezing as they are energy-efficient and produce a mild, even heat. Heat pumps are not as efficient in colder climates.


The best heat pump model series by York is the Affinity brand. This line of two heat pumps combines superior efficiency and comfort over other York models.


Heat pumps are electric devices that transfer heat from a colder area to a warmer one, allowing them to provide heat in a home when outside temperatures are cold and air conditioning when the temperatures outside are warm. They work on the same principle as a refrigerat...


The top-rated heat pumps are Trane XB14, Coleman Echelon and Trane XL20i, according to FurnaceCompare.com. Rheem, Amana, Goodman, Lenox and Bryant are also heat pumps that are highly rated on the site.