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You may already know the worst cities for asthma. But what about the best cities for asthma sufferers? Here's what to look for if you're living with asthma.


Location can play a big role in the quality of life, affordability of treatment and management of asthma. To help asthma sufferers identify the best and worst cities to live in the U.S ...


Ranking cities for people who live with asthma. Because of the connection between the environment and asthma, some organizations attempt to rank certain cities or regions as being favorable or not ...


These are the 10 best big cities to live in if you have asthma, as ranked by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. ... There were fewer emergency-room visits for asthma and patients needed ...


Asthma can be a very troublesome condition to live with. But there are places which can make it worse, or better, for an asthmatic. HealthHearty, here, presents a list of cities that are considered best for an asthma sufferers.


See the cities ranked above and below average for living with asthma. Pollen, air quality, pets and smoking can all affect asthma and other respiratory conditions.


The Top 10 Best Cities for Asthma Sufferers 1. Orange County, CA A climate free of extreme heat and cold, with few smokers and low pollen levels helps position Orange County at the top of the ...


We’ve crafted a list of the 5 best and worst cities for people who suffer from asthma to live in. Some cities are more asthma-friendly than others, and when we say “asthma-friendly” we mean the amount of air pollution, asthma occurrence rates, healthcare, public smoking rules, and poverty


Alen Corporation is proud to announce its first annual list of the best cities to raise a child with asthma. These cities earned their ranking through an evaluation of their air quality, crime rates, state graduation rates and proximity to top-rated hospitals and medical facilities.


Every year, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) releases a report of the best and worst cities for allergy sufferers in the United States. If you suffer from severe allergies, you might want to look to one of these cities for where to move next. Getting an apartment in one of these cities could change your life.