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Common types of insurance policies include homeowner's insurance, renter's insurance and car insurance, according to Forbes. Valuables insurance and umbrella insurance are other common types of insurance policies.


A person who owns a classic car should purchase an agreed value insurance policy, in which the car owner and the insurance agent agree on the value of the car and write it into policy as the amount paid in case of a total loss, notes HowStuffWorks. Classic car owners who want lower premiums can choo


Farmer's Insurance Group, AllState and State Farm sell the top homeowners insurance policies, according to Consumer Affairs. These policies cover the structure, personal belongings, homeowner liability and emergency living expenses for traditional home, condominium, farm and mobile homeowners.


Temporary car insurance includes policies that offer shorter terms than traditional policies, though the benefits of coverage purchased by car owners are the same, notes About.com. Temporary insurance is not automatically renewable, and it is generally more expensive upfront than traditional policie


Types of home insurance policies include the limited coverage policy, which is a bare-bones policy that is fading in most state markets; the basic coverage plan, which protects from a broad range of disasters; and the special plan, which is the most comprehensive and popular plan for homeowners, acc


Farmers Insurance offers six types of auto insurance coverage, including liability, comprehensive and collision coverage. Farmers also offers uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage and personal injury protection. Farmers provides additional coverage options to policyhold


An insurance policy search is conducted when the policyholder is deceased, to see if any unclaimed benefits exist in his name, notes Consumer Reports. Examples of insurance providers that offer to perform insurance searches for beneficiaries and deceased policyholders, as of 2015, include AIG, Prude


Car insurance pays on your behalf if at fault, or depending on your coverage, covers you for other’s fault if they are underinsured for injuries to yourself, your passengers and your car. Car insurance may protect your savings and home from lawsuits arising from car accidents.


When choosing an insurance policy, factors such as current and forecasted income, cost-benefit ratio and what the insurance company is offering should be put into consideration. Though getting an insurance cover offers an opportunity for a better financial future, selecting the right one is just as


Good car insurance policies for young drivers include good student discounts and accident forgiveness, according to Nationwide Insurance. The company's studies show that students with a B average or higher are typically better drivers.