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Carrot juice is healthy and nutritious, making it a good addition to most diets. Carrots contain high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, and the juice provides a concentrated way to consume them.


Ninja, VitaMix, KitchenAid, Breville, Omega and Hamilton Beach are all popular juicer and blender brands. Juicing and blending are two different processes; juice cannot be extracted with a blender, and a juicer cannot make a smoothie.


Some easy juice recipes include ginger green juice, carrot juice plus, citrus carrot juice and pineapple whole fruit juice. To make a strawberry coconut agua fresca recipe, add 3 cups of frozen unsweetened strawberries, 2 cups of coconut water, 1 peeled lime, 2 tablespo...


Consuming too much carrot juice may lead to a condition called carotenosis in which the skin turns a yellowish orange color, primarily on the nose, palms and soles. Most of the time, this condition causes no harm, but sometimes the carotenosis that occurs as a result fr...


CarrotJuice.com suggests that the number of fluid ounces of carrot juice consumed daily should be limited depending on overall body weight, because the sugar in carrots make them high in calories. Drinking over 16 ounces of carrot juice a day may not be beneficial.


The KitchenAid Artisan cordless hand blender is the best hand blender as of May 2015, according to BBCGoodFood.com. It has five speeds and is usable as an electric whisk or a jug blender. It is capable of mixing all types of food and beverages, including smoothies.


The best home blender of 2015 is the Blendtec Designer, according to Top Ten Reviews. The device wins praise for its powerful blending, range of features and ease of cleaning.