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To wash a baseball cap, determine what it is made of, then wash it by hand using a mild detergent that's appropriate for the cap's material. Gently squeeze the cap with a towel to remove excess water, and allow it to air dry.


Wash a baseball cap by hand or in a washing machine using a mild detergent. The best method to use depends on the material used to make the hat.


There are many ways to shrink a baseball cap, including placing it into a pot of very hot water, washing it in a laundry machine at the hottest possible setting or using a spray bottle to moisten the cap and shrink it to the right size. It is important to never place a baseball cap in a pot of boili


A new baseball hat tends to be stiff and uncomfortable, and many people prefer the look of an worn-in hat. Fortunately, fading and distressing a baseball cap is quite easy to do. To prepare for the fading process, wet the bill of the hat. Bend it, rolling it between your hands, until you get the des


A baseball rack can be placed on a wall or wardrobe door, or made to stand at a hidden corner of the room. To build a simple, inexpensive baseball cap rack that you can hang on the wall, you need a measuring tape, wooden stick with a hole at one end, clothespins, glue, a brush and wood paint of your


A baseball has three basic components. These consist of a cushioned cork and rubber casing at its core, wool and poly/cotton yarn surrounding the core, and a cowhide cover over the exterior of the ball.


The CapRack 18, the Jokari cap rack and the New Era cap storage system are some baseball cap storage racks. Each of these racks holds more than 16 baseball caps.


The game that most closely resembles modern-day baseball originated in New York City. Historians note that similar games were played in Philadelphia and Massachusetts, but the Knickerbocker Baseball Club of New York City is credited with establishing the earliest rules of the modern game in 1845.


Market cap, which is short for market capitalization, is the value of a public corporation's outstanding shares of stock. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, it is equal to the price of a single share of a corporation's stock at a particular point in time multiplied by the numb


A cap is an award given to a soccer player who represents his country in international matches. Each time a player participates in an international match, he is "capped."