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To remove rust from a washing machine, clean the machine, and inspect it for rusted areas. Using a repair kit, repaint the areas of rust with a porcelain coating.


To remove rust from an antique, remove the existing sealant or paint, apply rust remover, brush and rinse the item, fill gouges with metal putty, and apply sealant. This 90-minute process requires gloves, paint remover, rust remover, water, a brush, a sponge, metal putty, a putty knife, sandpaper an


Rust stains can be removed from clothing through the use of vinegar poured directly onto the stain. The vinegar should be blotted, and the garment should be left in the sun to let the vinegar soak in. The garment should be washed normally, and the process repeated if the stain does not go away.


Although it can be difficult to remove rust stains from clothing or fabric, some simple options are to use a commercial rust remover product or natural products such as salt, vinegar and lemon. To try to remove the rust stain, first wash the item with detergent; bleach should not be used on the stai


Remove rust from your swimming pool by shocking the water and vacuuming the precipitated rust. The required supplies are a water testing kit, shock treatment packets, chelating chemicals and a pool vacuum. Although the time required varies with the size of the pool and the amount of rust it contains


White vinegar is effective for removing rust. Treat highly rusted parts and tools with a mixture of salt and white vinegar by means of spraying, soaking or submersion.


It is possible to remove rust from rims by carefully using a steel wool pad or a wire brush. When using these products, it is vital to ensure that not too much force and power is used as it can leave unsightly scratches or indents on the rims.


You can remove rust from cast iron skillets using the end of a potato and coarse salt. This combination removes rust easily, according to Apartment Therapy.


Coke does remove rust from metal. It works on objects like nuts, bolts and corroded battery terminals. The soda is effective because it contains phosphoric acid, which is an ingredient in some commercial rust-removal formulas.


To remove rust from chrome, wash the chrome surface with chrome cleaner and water, use steel wool with chrome polish to rub off the rust, and then rinse and dry the surface. You need soft cloths, chrome cleaner, water, rubber gloves, steel wool and chrome polish to complete this task.