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Apr 19, 2021 ... It only takes a couple hours (tops) to whip your floors back into their original, pristine condition, provided you know how to deep clean ...


Learn how to clean hardwood floors and gloss up and clean your wood floors. Pine-Sol can help with your hardwood floor cleaning.


Learn how to disinfect and clean wooden floors in the house. Use these steps when cleaning wooden floors and disinfect floors for a deeper clean.


Whether you've moved into a new house, recently had hardwood floors installed, or are just tired of your old hardwood floor cleaning method, you've got ...


To clean a painted wood floor, sweep, vacuum or dust-mop regularly. Avoid scratching or damaging the painted surface by staying away from abrasive cleansers ...


When your floor requires a bit more attention than just regular maintenance, the best way to clean your engineered hardwood is with a damp mop and an ...


Nov 27, 2019 ... How To Clean Wood Floors · Mix a few cups of water with a few drops of dish soap. Gently mix where to the point that you can see a few traces of ...


Feb 1, 2021 ... Hardwood floors are tough and meant to last. But they have to be cleaned with special care. Check out these tips for how to clean hardwood ...


Apr 8, 2021 ... Here's how to clean hardwood floors and keep them looking shiny and new. These tips will help you deep clean new or old hardwood floors.


Nov 19, 2020 ... A little TLC will keep your floors pretty for years! Follow our simple preventive care and cleaning tips for wood floors that stay beautiful.


Jan 12, 2020 ... Sweep or dust daily. Probably the best thing you can do for your hardwood floor is to sweep or dust them regularly with a gentle broom or cloth.