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Tequila has come a long way, hasn’t it? Discover the keys to choosing the BEST tequila for margaritas, along with the simple distinction between añejo, reposado, gold and silver tequilas. Expensive tequila isn’t necessarily best for margaritas- learn why!


Here are the seven best tequilas for margaritas; 1. Aged Tequila – Patron Añejo Tequila. Patrón Añejo Tequila is the iconic brand’s aged blend. The tequilas are aged in small white oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months, and just like in premium red wines, the blends must be adjusted for each vintage.


The best tequilas are not meant to be quickly slugged back as a shot or dumped into a sugary margarita mix. They're for slower, sophisticated sipping, so that you can better appreciate the bright ...


Cimarron, Lunazul, Olmeca Altos and Milagro are all great Margarita tequilas. I also love top-shelf, expressive blancos, but usually for sipping—too much character actually distracts from what ...


Best Tequila for Margaritas As we mentioned in our how to make the best margarita article, we found that, in our opinion, the best tequila for margaritas is the Calle 23 Blanco . You could do what we did and make several (rounds of) margaritas to come to this decision.


The best tequilas that will taste just as good neat as they do in Margaritas By Olive Pometsey 9 January 2020 Take a trip to Mexico with GQ’s guide to the best tequilas on the market right now


While we’re all about the quest to find the perfect tequila for a margarita, we've come to the conclusion that some of the best things in life are best when savored.Tequila is a Mexican liquor made from the fermented sap of the blue agave plant, which takes roughly five to 12 years to grow to maturity before it can be harvested to produce tequila.


The best tequila is Don Suenos Anejo. This anejo has a smooth finish with hints of citrus and vanilla, with grassy undertones and a final touch of pepper. The small family farm out of Jalisco has ...


Are you feeling margaritas tonight? Reach for nothing but the smoothest tequila around. Influensters have left their thoughts on which tequilas take the top shelft. Keep reading for the best tequilas according to Influensters. What will you be sipping on? Sound off!


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