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To paint a popcorn ceiling, protect the work area from paint with a plastic sheeting, and apply at least two coats of paint to the ceiling using a paint roller or an airless spraying tool. Allow the paint to dry between the coats.


Plain glass ceiling light fixtures can be given a boost of energy with just a little imagination and effort. Before you start, confirm with your paint store that the paint you are using can withstand the high heat created by light bulbs. Some paints that withstand heat well need to be dried in a kil


To fix peeling ceiling paint, remove loose paint, apply patching material, sand the patch, prime the repairs and paint the ceiling. If patching the ceiling requires applying texture before painting, use a textured ceiling patch kit.


To fix bathroom ceiling paint that is peeling, it will first need to be sanded or scraped. The first step in the refinishing process is recreating a smooth surface.


There are several ways to apply glow-in-the-dark ceiling paint. Gather the supplies, such as paint, brushes, stencils and cleaning rags, and prepare the painting area. Make sure the ceiling to be painted is clean and smooth, and cover carpets and furniture to prevent spills.


Painting a plaster ceiling requires a little more work than painting a ceiling finished with dry wall. Make sure your newly plastered ceiling is completely dry before starting the painting process. Plaster can take anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks to dry completely.


To fix peeling paint on the bathroom wall and ceiling, strip the paint from the drywall or plaster, clean the surface, create adequate ventilation in the bathroom, prime the area again and repaint it. Peeling paint in the bathroom is usually caused by moisture damage, so it is impossible to repair w


Hansen Wholesale asserts that the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco is the best and top-selling ceiling fan. The fan is environmentally friendly, and the blades are available in a number of colors such as White, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Steel.


Hunter ceiling fans receive high reviews on Amazon.com, with a rating of 4.5 out of five stars on the list of top 20 fan models, though mixed reviews of some models indicate problems. Sixteen of the top 20 ceiling fans on Amazon.com carry the Hunter brand name.


Armstrong ceiling products are highly rated as of 2016. Amazon.com reviews for Armstrong ceiling tiles have an average rating of four stars out of five. HomeDepot.com reviews have an average rating of 3.5 stars out of five.