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Feb 17, 2021 ... Burger King will join the increasingly crowded chicken sandwich category later ... I cover quick-service, fast casual and pizza restaurants.


Jan 9, 2021 ... The fried chicken sandwich wars sparked by Popeyes in 2019 are ... of 2020 when the virus first started spreading in the United States.


Aug 28, 2019 ... The many, many conversations about fried chicken sandwiches, explained ... plus a low-key expression of concern: “… y'all good?” it asked.


Jan 19, 2021 ... U.S. sales of burgers and chicken sandwiches at fast-food ... has helped the company become one of the country's top fast-food chains.


And in 2020, they released another incredible attempt, the Chicken Cheddar ... When talking about the best fast-food chicken sandwiches, ...


Jan 23, 2021 ... My husband and I had our first 48 hours away from our first born. We dedicated it to finding the best fast food chicken sandwich.


Sep 9, 2021 ... We Tasted 5 New Fast-Food Chicken Sandwiches, and This One Blew Us Away Burger King's Ch'King. Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chalupa.


Aug 4, 2021 ... If there is one good thing that came from 2020, it's the pedestal that holds the chicken sandwich. On some social media feeds, spicy chicken ...


Aug 20, 2021 ... Fried chicken fans have never tasted a sandwich like this before. ... Late in 2020, Wendy's also decided to revamp their chicken sandwich.


Sep 26, 2020 ... But the real shocker might be this: Burger King took the top spot. The report even called it “a shocking upset,” while praising Burger King for ...


Sep 11, 2021 ... Impossible Foods launches fake chicken, Beyond Meat reboots its own. A war in fast-food sector over the chicken sandwich may be poised for a ...