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The Gardener's Golden Investment: nothing adds more to your spring garden than Daffodils. Perennial, Deer Resistant, Easy to Grow, and magnificently beautiful - what more can you ask for? Daffodil flower bulbs all bloom beautifully the first spring, and then give you more flowers each year. And whether you plant them in formal flowering bulb beds or naturalize them in woodland or wildflower .....


Our best value on tulips and daffodil bulbs. Popular mixed tulips in traditional colors as well as tulips in a pastel mix of colors. Daffodils for naturalizing are deer resistance, and come in an array of colors and shapes. Yellow daffodils are a sign that spring has arrived, Dutch Master Daffodils are among the most popular of the yellow ...


Our daffodil bulbs are perfect as a perennial garden centerpiece or for naturalizing. Adding cheerful daffodil flowers in a cutting garden makes it easy to enjoy the long-lasting, brilliant Narcissus blooms in a fragrant indoor bouquet. Many of our daffodil plants are deer resistant and hardy even in hot climates.


Be sure to use bulbs soon after obtaining them, the best bulbs feel firm and heavy and show no signs of mold or rot. Learn How to Plant Fall Bulbs. Planting naturalized daffodils in clusters and swaths not only creates a more natural look, but this will make it possible to mow around the plants in the late spring if the plants get too messy.


The best way to grow daffodils in the garden is to plant 5–10 bulbs of one cultivar in small clumps in a border. They look especially enticing when grown among deciduous shrubs, where their colour combines or contrasts with the new leaves of the shrubs.


We've worked with daffodil bulbs for years and have grown hundreds of cultivars ourselves. That experience, along feedback from others, has been used to trim the list of available daffodils down from over 8,000 to a handful of the very best. If they are listed here, they are proven winners.


The best time for planting most daffodil (Narcissus spp.) bulbs is fall so cold winter temperatures chill the bulbs and trigger them into developing flower buds, but some daffodils exist that don't need chilling, and they can be planted at other times of year.A large family of flowers hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3B through 10, depending on the variety ...


Moving and dividing the bulbs remains integral to growing daffodils, well worth getting the hang of. When to Transplant Daffodils Daffodils can be lifted year round, even when “in the green,” although moving them while they bloom often means losing out on the following year’s bloom.


Winter Storage of Unplanted Daffodil Bulbs. I had to dig up my daffodils in fall and put them in a basket with dirt for winter storage until I can replant elsewhere in spring. Do I need to leave the garage door open during the day? I assume the bulbs are still dormant and your garage is not heated.


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