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Daffodil flowers produce seeds, but the bulbs can also reproduce by generating side bulbs or offsets. Within a year or two, these "daughter bulbs" become large enough to bloom on their own. So if your goal is to have big drifts of daffodils, it's best to plant vigorous varieties that are known to be good at producing offsets.


These large-cupped daffodils grow to 12 to 26 inches tall and bloom in late spring. You can purchase heirloom ‘Professor Einstein’ bulbs at Nature Hills Nursery. 13. Regeneration. Daffodils provide a sunny burst of color at the end of winter, but ‘Regeneration’ takes this idea rather literally, rising up to greet you in very early spring.


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One of the longest blooming daffodils, award-winner Narcissus 'Pipit' is a sweetly fragrant Jonquil Daffodil bearing up to 2-3 flowers per stem and multiple stems per bulb. The flowers, 3 in. across (7 cm), open lemon-yellow with their cups gradually fading to ivory-white.


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The iconic daffodil is big and yellow with a very large cup. For years, the go-to variety was King Alfred, but it’s no longer in cultivation. Instead, look for Dutch Master or Yellow River. Both have large, egg-yolk-yellow flowers with oversize trumpets. These classic yellow daffodils are great for massing and naturalizing.


Daffodils (plant genus Narcissus) are the first visible signs of spring. These vigorous, long-lived flower bulbs thrive in sunny, well-drained places, are shunned by hungry deer and voles, and will prosper and multiply with little care on your part. Gardeners find many uses for Daffodil bulbs, including bedding, cutting, naturalizing, and forcing.


DAFFODIL ARCHIVES — For customer tips and raves, the stories behind the bulbs, links and books, history, news, and more, see our Daffodil Newsletter Archives. TIPS FOR SUCCESS — Though many sources say they’ll ALL thrive from zones 3 through 8, hardiness really varies depending on their ancestry.


For in-depth guidance, take a look at Scott Ogden’s Garden Bulbs for the South which includes 150 daffodils that do well in zones 7-9 and Texas-based advice on growing them. Another excellent guide is Daffodils in Florida by Linda and Sara Van Beck. It’s based on the life’s work of the late John Van Beck, a great friend of ours and of ...


The best time to plant daffodil bulbs is in the fall (exact timing can range anywhere from September to late November, depending on where you live). The soil needs to have cooled off, but the ground still needs to be workable when you plant. The ideal soil temperature for planting daffodils is 60 degrees Fahrenheit at a depth of 6 inches.