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CIT is the best pick from these banks if you go off interest rates alone, because they currently offer the best rates.


Sep 1, 2021 ... But some banks will pay you a good interest rate without requiring a large deposit. How Does a High-Yield Savings Account Work? If you're new to ...


Jun 28, 2019 ... Some online savings accounts known for paying very high interest are ... as banks can make more money on deposits in higher interest-rate ...


May 5, 2020 ... Ideally, that bank account has an interest rate that is high ... high-interest savings accounts are one of the best places to keep your cash ...


Savers searching for top yields should check out our list of the top online banks.


Interest rates should go up once unemployment drops and economic growth accelerates. In the meantime, the options below might offer more for your savings.


Sep 18, 2020 ... Not so much. Low rates for borrowers typically also mean lower rates for savers. Because banks are earning less on loans, they typically pay out ...