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BENZOIC ACID is a white crystalline solid. Slightly soluble in water.The primary hazard is the potential for environmental damage if released. Immediate steps should be taken to limit spread to the environment.


Benzoic acid is a solid, white crystalline substance that is classified as an aromatic carboxylic acid. The carboxyl group can undergo reactions to form products such as salts, esters, and acid halides. The aromatic ring can undergo reactions such as sulfonation, nitration and halogenation.


Benzoic acid is cheap and readily available, so the laboratory synthesis of benzoic acid is mainly practiced for its pedagogical value. It is a common undergraduate preparation. Benzoic acid can be purified by recrystallization from water because of its high solubility in hot water and poor solubility in cold water.


Benzoic acid Chemical Properties,Uses,Production description Benzoic acid is the simplest member of the aromatic carboxylic acid family. It is a weak acid that is a precursor for the synthesis of many important organic compounds.


Benzoic acid esters (compounds formed by reactions with alcohols in the presence of either hydrochloric or sulfuric acid) are used as pesticides, disinfectant additives, solvents, dye carriers and in the manufacture of other compounds.

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Chemical and physical properties of Benzoic acid. Chemical Properties of Benzoic acid (CAS 65-85-0) Download as PDF file Download as Excel file Download as 2D mole file Predict properties


Vapor from molten benzoic acid may form explosive mixture with air. The finely powdered dry acid is a significant dust explosion hazard [Bretherick, 5th ed., 1995, p. 884]. ... The Physical Property fields include properties such as vapor pressure and boiling point, ... Chemical PAC-1 PAC-2 PAC-3; Benzoic acid (65-85-0) 13 mg/m3 : 140 mg/m3 ...

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Benzoic acid is therefore mainly (>80%) used as a chemical intermediate for synthesis of other chemicals, as well as for the production of sodium salt (10%). So it has mainly a controlled use in industrial settings.


white crystal scales or needles with a faint urine, almond odour Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Benzoic acid: white crystals or powder Oxford University Chemical Safety Data (No longer updated) More details


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