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According to MedlinePlus, tea tree oil is a possible effective treatment for athlete's foot, fungal infections in the nails and mild-to-moderate acne. It is also used to treat yeast infections, thrush, lice, gingivitis, hemorrhoids, dandruff, cold sores, eye infections ...


Tea tree oil treats fungal infections of the nails, athlete's foot, vaginal infections, parasites and supports dental health, according to Mayo Clinic. It also treats allergic reactions in the skin, and as of 2015, early evidence indicates that it may be effective for t...


While no living animal subsists on a diet of entire trees, many different animals eat individual portions of trees. For example, animals such as deer, elephants and giraffes consume a large quantity of leaves and fruit, but little else. By contrast, termites are one of ...


A tree is a plant. Trees are perennial plants that use photosynthesis to make their own food like other plants. They have woody stems and trunks and tend to live for many years.


Neem tree leaves are believed to help in treatment of conditions such as stomach upset, head lice, malaria, fever and breathing complications. The bark, leaves and seeds of the neem tree are mostly used to make medicine, notes WebMD.


The moringa tree is a native tree in India, but it has been planted in different parts of the world because of its valuable benefits. Almost all of the parts of the moringa tree can be used in food and medicinal purposes. Even its seeds and flowers are extremely benefic...


A baby tree is called an infant, just like a baby human. During this phase, the trees are very thin and small, and though many grow on their own, human interaction with care and attention can help them thrive.