An article by Processed-Free America states that the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center discovered that guanabana contains compounds that may prevent or slow the growth of cancer cells. Guanabana has also been found ... More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies

Some research indicates that guanabana, or soursop, has cancer-fighting benefits, including slowing the progression of cancer and helping cancer drugs work better. However, it is toxic and unsafe, causing systemic nerve ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Cancer

Researchers need to conduct more studies with human subjects to obtain definitive data, but guanabana nectar, also known as soursop, may slow cancer cell growth, decrease resistance to cancer-fighting drugs and suppress ... More »

A guanabana, also known as a soursop, is the fruit of the guanabana tree, a broadleaf evergreen native to South and Central America and the Caribbean. The fruit has a spiny green skin, a soft white interior and a core of... More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies

Beets offer a variety of health benefits including boosted stamina, lowered blood pressure and decreased risk of certain cancers. Beets are also a great source of potassium, magnesium, fiber and many other nutrients. More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies

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