Genetically modified foods have a number of benefits, such as increased nutritional density, as well as several drawbacks, such as the increased rate of allergic reactions to the food. Genetically modified crops may be m... More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA

Studies suggest that genetically modified foods may be harmful to kidney health. GM foods may also affect reproduction and may be toxic to the liver and pancreas, according to the National Institutes of Health. More » Health Nutrition & Diets

According to WebMD, possible disadvantages of genetically modified crops include environmental hazards such as the creation of herbicide-resistant weeds, altering the nutritional content of food, resistance of crops to a... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture
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Benefits of annuities include that they accrue tax-free and often come with death benefits, which means that should an investor die before cashing annuities out, an heir will receive the funds; drawbacks include fees, lo... More » Business & Finance Investing

Some pros of genetically modified foods include better overall quality and taste of the food, more resistance to disease and more nutrition benefits, according to Health Research Funding. Some cons of GMO foods are envir... More » Food Food Facts

While WebMD supports the belief that current genetically modified crops pose no health risks, opponents point out that the long-term health risks remain unknown and that they have been linked to severe allergic reactions... More » Food Food Facts

Supporters of DNA fingerprinting argue that the process makes it easier and more efficient for police to solve crimes. Critics claim that DNA fingerprinting is invasive and violates citizens’ right to privacy. More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA