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2 days ago ... AT&T built what was considered the best telephone system in the world. Bell System officials usually won cooperation from federal and state ...


August 23, 1956, Bell Laboratories announced their experiment with "Picture Phone" transmission that sends pictures along with sound over regular telephone ...


At one point in time, Bell System employees purposely denigrated the U.S. telephone system to drive down stock prices of all phone companies and thus make it ...


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- [Narrator] It's a more affectionate term for the Bell System. It was the dominant telephone provider in the US for most of the 20th century.


phone market. SNET and GTE were subsequently purchased by SBC and Verizon, respectively.) Remember: the Bell companies were then and are still utilities.


Dec 10, 1988 ... (AP) _ Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone and files for patents hours before another inventor, Elisha Gray.


Mar 16, 2015 ... The Bell Telephone Company, which was founded in 1877, faced some competition early on from Western Union, but then enjoyed a virtual monopoly ...


Stay connected with a reliable Bell Business phone line for voice, fax, modem and point-of-sale functionality, or to connect to an alarm system.


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The Bell System was the system of companies, led by the Bell Telephone Company and later by AT&T, that dominated the telephone services industry in North ...