A behavior modification plan is a program that establishes the framework, steps and goals necessary to modify negative behaviors exhibited by children. The plan delineates a discipline strategy that employs four separate... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

Many organizations, such as National Youth Network and Help Your Teen Now, provide lists of behavior modification schools and other resources for families with troubled children. The types of programs include military sc... More » Family Parenting

Behavior modification is a type of dog training that focuses on changing the dog's underlying emotional state and reactions in certain situations as opposed to teaching it to do specific behaviors on command. People typi... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs
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To creating a goal list, start by determining life goals, then break the bigger goals into smaller steps and write down the short term goals that will help you take those steps. Other steps include re-evaluating the goal... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

Some steps to helping a hoarder include establishing trust, suggesting practical changes in behavior, citing expert sources about the dangers of hoarding, and offering the hoarder alternatives. Hoarding is generally clas... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

Rocking back and forth is a common self-soothing behavior used by children who are angry, frustrated, sad, scared or otherwise very upset. This behavior is particularly common in young children who do not yet have the ve... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

Using feeling charts opens up conversations and allows children to practice talking about their feelings, ultimately letting them better manage their behavior. Feeling charts help children identify emotions, as they ofte... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology