Find free guitar lessons for beginners at sites such as, and These sites teach students the basics of guitar playing through video lessons and other interactive media. More »

There are many websites dedicated to offering beginning French lessons on the Internet, including the BBC, and JeFrench. Apps for Android and iPhone operating systems present another option and include Babbel... More »

Four websites that offer free acoustic guitar lessons as of 2015 are, GuitarLessons, and Youtube also has many user-submitted videos with free lessons. More »

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Download free guitar tablature charts by visiting sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Each site offers tools for locating specific songs or artists, with many a... More »

To view free guitar scale charts, pay attention to the lines and dots because these show how the scale appears on the fretboard. The lines represent the strings and frets while the dots indicate the notes to fret. Some g... More »

A first guitar is easily playable, within budget and geared to keep the player interested. Outside these practical considerations, the sky is the limit. The new player should have a good idea of who her favorite artists ... More »

Two examples of good acoustic guitars for beginners are the Yamaha FG700S and the Seagull S6 models. A good acoustic guitar should be the right size for the person who intends to play it, as it needs to comfortably fit i... More »