Some basic guitar chords include E minor, C major, G major and D major. These chords are commonly written as Em, C, G and D, respectively. When the chords are written in sheet music, the letter alone is assumed to be the... More »

Beginner guitarists can learn chords by consulting a chord chart or by experimentation. If the player already has a background in musical theory and is switching to guitar, he can begin by constructing chords starting fr... More »

Coordinate guitar chords and lyrics by practicing with simple rhythms, knowing all of the chords in a song perfectly, playing along with a metronome and humming the lyrics first. Singing and playing guitar at the same ti... More »

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To play basic guitar chords, position the fingers on the fretboard and strum the appropriate strings. Giving the chords a pleasant sound requires the player to have strong strumming technique and knowledge of where the f... More »

To tune a guitar to standard tuning, you need to first tune the sixth string, also known as the low E string, using a reference tone. Once the low E is tuned, you can use the tone from this string to properly tune subseq... More »

Pop-rock music group Coldplay uses three prominent chords throughout the song "Clocks": E minor, B flat minor and F minor. These chords are the foundations of the oscillating sixteenth notes in the memorable beginning ri... More »

Guitarists use guitar note charts to know the names of the notes on each string, to understand the formation of chords and to read guitar tablature. Chord charts and tablature are two different but closely related ways t... More »