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Build-A-Bear Workshop offers four games through its website, BuildABear.com, including "Rearrange Letters," "Dodge Ball," "Rocket Launch" and "Ball Bounce," as of 2015. The games are all free to play and designed for children.


Bear Hunting 3D and Archer's Best Game are fun bear hunting games to play online. They are flash-based games and are easy to play online, requiring only basic controls.


A bear's habitat depends largely on the type of bear and its location in the world as bears are found in both wooded and open environments. However, most bears prefer densely sheltered areas for sleeping during the day.


Bears eat plants, insects, fish and other animals. Although they're often thought of as carnivores and are even part of the Carnivora order, bears are actually opportunistic omnivores, meaning they subsist on both plant and animal matter. Bears tend to eat primarily plant matter, which can make up a


Black bears reach a length between 5 and 6 feet. Black bears have a large degree of variability in weight, ranging from 200 pounds up to about 600 pounds.


Chicago Bears games are viewable live on television by subscription with Verizon Wireless in the greater Chicago area, and in person at Soldier Field for home games. The complete broadcast schedule and network for all Chicago Bears games is available at ChicagoBears.com.


According to Dave Fellows of the United States Geological Survey, a group of bears is called a sloth or a sleuth. Although bears are often considered loners, they can be quite social.


A baby bear from any of the bear species or either sex is called a cub. A male adult bear is called a boar or he-bear, while an adult female is called a sow or she-bear. A group of bears is usually referred to as a pack, group or sloth.


American Greetings created Care Bears in 1981 as characters in a line of its greeting cards. The following year, the company launched a full Care Bear franchise that included films, televisions shows and toys.


Young bears are called cubs. Cubs are normally born while the mother is still in hibernation. They usually weigh between 8 and 12 ounces when they are born.