As of June 2014, first-generation Beanie Babies with both intact hang tags and tush tags are valuable, along with a few later second-generation and rare Beanies. The so-called first generation Beanie Babies consist of th... More » features a searchable database of all of its products that states the retirement status of each Beanie Baby. Internet price guides, such as, offer suggested values, but the actual worth ... More »

Find price lists for Ty Beanie Babies online through sites such as,, and, as of April 2015. These sites contain lists of accepted resale values f... More » Hobbies & Games Toys

Teenie Beanie Babies are worth a little more than their initial selling price of $2. When first introduced in 1996, the demand for the Happy Meal toys was much higher, which caused prices to skyrocket. Most McDonald's lo... More »

A primary way to donate Beanie Babies or other stuffed animals to charity is to submit them to Stuffed Animals for Emergencies, or SAFE. This particular charity will donate the Beanie Baby directly to children who are in... More »

Beanie Babies, produced by Ty Inc., can be sold locally at garage sales and flea markets or by placing classified advertisements in local newspapers. Beanie Babies can also be sold on websites that allow private-party sa... More »

A good place to sell Ty Beanie Babies is an online selling page, such as eBay or a social networking marketing page. Alternative outlets include flea markets, local community boards and newspaper classified pages. More »