The Battle of Britain in World War II was Nazi Germany's effort to prevent the United Kingdom from being an effective contender in the war. It was a series of bombing raids conducted mainly by the German Luftwaffe agains... More » History Modern History World War 2

There were airplane battles during World War II, and fighter planes became a more important war instrument in this time. The Battle of Midway between American and Japanese forces included fighting in the air as a key com... More » History Modern History World War 2

The timeline of World War II officially begins in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, causing Britain and France to declare war on Germany, and ends with Japan's surrender Sept. 2, 1945. But the first rumblings of World W... More »

The British won the Battle of Britain by preventing Nazi Germany from gaining air superiority over western France and the English Channel. This resulted in Germany having to cancel plans for the amphibious invasion of Gr... More »

Major events of World War II include Germany's invasion of Austria, the Treaty of Munich, the subsequent German invasion of Czechoslovakia and Poland, formal declarations of war by Britain and France, the entrance of Jap... More »

World War II was won in 1945 by the main Allied powers, which consisted of the United States, Great Britain, China and the Soviet Union, that formed the primary alliance against the opposing Axis alliance. More »

The countries that fought in World War II were Germany, Italy and Japan, which comprised the Axis Powers, and Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China and the United States of Ameri... More »