Making a battery-powered toy car is a fun project that can be customized for a variety of age groups to teach scientific principles. This moderately complex project involves creating a base for the vehicle, attaching a b... More »

A simple wind-powered toy car can be made from cardboard, using a house fan for power. Other designs include a rear propeller instead of a house fan to propel the car. More »

Children's toy manufacturers secure electronic toy battery compartments with child-proof release clips or with one or more screws to prevent young children from accessing the toy's batteries. The toy's instruction manual... More » Hobbies & Games Toys

A balloon car is easy to construct by using an empty water bottle to form the chassis, or the car's body, and mounting a balloon on it to power the vehicle. The balloon provides the necessary jet power for the balloon ca... More » Hobbies & Games Toys

When evaluating the value of an old toy, the three most important things to consider are rarity, age and condition. If an antique toy is difficult to come by and still in good shape, it is likely to be worth something. More » Hobbies & Games Toys

Based on the age of the toy, its condition and its packaging, Hess toys can be priced from around $15 to nearly $2,500. The first Hess toy trucks were manufactured in 1964 and are among the rarest and most valuable. More »

To make a toy car, poke two holes in both sides of an empty soda can. Run two thin dowels through the holes to form the axles. Glue four identical milk bottle caps onto the ends of the dowels to make wheels. More »