A battery-powered tent heater is the safest mechanism available to provide heat when camping as it doesn’t produce any flames. A battery-run camping tent heating unit also doesn’t trigger any sound, ensuring that the cam... More »

EnergyFlux and Enerhanz manufacture good battery-powered personal heaters, according to The Wirecutter. Cozy Products, Sunbeam, Sanyo and The Body Furnace also manufacture highly rated models. More »

Basic camping supplies for the most simple overnight trip include a tent or a shelter, a sleeping bag, an ax or hammer for the tent stakes, a flashlight and water bottles. A first aid kit is always recommended as well. T... More »

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Items for a camping checklist include a tent, flashlights, a sleeping bag, fuel and food in the appropriate storage containers. The list should also have accessories for items that require them, such as a tent repair kit... More »

Kerosene heaters work by using a wick that has absorbed kerosene, and after being ignited, the flames from the wick enter the burner unit to produce heat. The burner unit is designed to provide oxygen and distribute the ... More »

A portable tree house is a cross between a hammock and a tent that can be set up on a frame. Portable tree house tents can also be installed in trees. More »

To set up a tent, pick a flat area, lay out the tent and connect the poles. Add the rain fly to keep the tent dry in the rain. More »