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Some battery-operated table lamps are the FL346-8 8 Bulb LED Reading Lamp and Modern Lantern Cordless LED Table Lamp, according to Wal-Mart, Lamps Plus and Better Homes and Gardens. Some cordless lamps utilize one-time-use batteries while others are rechargeable.


Wal-Mart, Better Homes and Gardens, and Target are three online stores that sell a variety of battery-powered table lamps. These lamps come in different shapes and sizes, from traditionally styled lamps to artistic varieties that represent houses, crosses or bushes. Eac...


The Daylight 24 402051-07 Natural Daylight battery-operated floor lamp and the Fulcrum 20072-401 Magnifier 12 LED floor lamp are two battery-powered floor lamps. Each of these lamps has a four-star rating or higher on Amazon.com, as of January 2016.


The small battery-operated heaters for hands used by hunters, fishermen and sports enthusiasts are quite efficient. The heater is turned on and tucked into a pocket, keeping the owner's hands warm for 5 to 6 hours, depending on the model. Heated socks are also available...


Salt crystal lamps emit negative ions into the surrounding atmosphere, which work to neutralize and improve air quality. The salt absorbs water molecules from the air, and releases them when lit. The larger the lamp and the warmer the light, the more negative ions are r...


Many lamp oils today are comprised of materials known as paraffin or kerosene. Animal fats are no longer used as fuels. However, because lamp oils made by different manufacturers tend to have slightly different mixtures of chemicals, it's impossible to describe them wit...


Benefits of using battery-operated candles include better safety, less mess, better control over the scent and less maintenance. Battery-operated candles are also useful for decoration and for use in case of an emergency.