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A battery cross-reference guide is used to determine the size, name, capacity and voltage of a certain type or brand of battery in order to purchase correct battery replacements for devices, such as watches and electronics. The cross-reference guide is a table chart tha...


A chart to cross reference a button cell battery can be found on certain brand-name battery websites. A chart is needed as there are many different styles, sizes and types of button cell batteries.


Use a coin cell battery cross reference chart when cross-referencing a CR2032 watch battery. Locate any cell on the chart containing the CR2032 battery; every other battery on the same row is compatible with the CR2032.


On most battery cross reference charts, the battery brand names are located in the top horizontal row. The battery models are listed vertically beneath each brand name. Find your battery brand name; next, look down the vertical column beneath it until you locate your ba...


Duracell publishes a comprehensive battery cross-reference guide on its website. BatteriesAndButter.com also features online guides, each one corresponding to a specific battery type, such as watch batteries or hearing aid batteries.


A parts cross-reference guide is used in the automotive industry to easily find interchangeable vehicle parts. Online access to parts cross-reference guides are available at ShowMeTheParts.com and ACDelcoTechConnect.com.


Cross reference a drive belt using a drive belt cross reference chart. Find the standard belt number or manufacturer's model number for your belt on the chart. Every belt on the same row as your belt is fully compatible with it.