Several types of animals eat bats as part of their diet, including owls, hawks, snakes and spiders. Although bats have many predators, there are only a couple that use bats as their only food source. More »

Vampire bats feed solely on the blood of other animals, usually on cattle and horses. However, vampire bats do not suck blood. With their razor-sharp teeth, they make small incisions, usually in a sleeping animal. Then t... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bats

The best way to remove a bat from the house is to allow the animal to exit on its own by opening a window. Large numbers of bats roosting in a building require professional assistance. More »

Natural enemies of bats include owls, hawks, falcons, snakes and domestic cats. In eastern North America, the fungal infection white nose syndrome is taking a devastating toll on the bat population, as of 2014. More »

Adult vampire bats eat only blood, while young vampire bats feed on their mothers' milk until they are three months old before then switching to a blood diet. The common vampire bat mainly eats blood from large domestic ... More »

Bats are commonly preyed upon by other nocturnal animals such as owls and hawks who can fly silently undetected and capture them while still in flight. Snakes are also another well-camouflaged predator of fruit-eating ba... More »

Bats are both predator and prey in the food chain as these flying mammals eat many types of insects yet are eaten by hawks, owls, snakes, weasels and raccoons. The complete, generic food chain of a bat from bottom to top... More »