A modern bathroom may feature a raised sink, be composed of a variety of materials arranged in a modern and elegant way and be highlighted in simple but interesting colors. Modern bathroom furniture frequently aims at po... More » Home & Garden Decor Interior Decorating

Light-colored walls, mirrors, ample lighting and glass shower doors make small bathrooms seem larger. Additionally, an over-the-toilet vanity provides extra storage in a compact space. Effective design ideas for tiny bat... More » Home & Garden Decor

When designing a bathroom with disability access, the designer should ensure that the room is easy to maneuver around in, the shower is easy to enter and exit, and sinks, handles and showerheads are easy to reach. Smooth... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance
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Some good ideas for remodelling a small bathroom include adding a glass shower, mirrors and lighting, a pedestal sink or a storage cabinet. These ideas save space and make a room look bigger, enlivening a small room. More » Home & Garden Decor Interior Decorating

Some bathroom painting ideas include having cabana stripes, painting with light blues and greens for an ocean-themed bathroom, or by using bright colors. Feminine pastel colors and spa colors can also be fun in a bathroo... More » Home & Garden Decor Interior Decorating

Utilizing a shower curtain, floating the vanity, installing a corner sink and extending a counter over the toilet are some good design ideas for tiny bathrooms. Forbes reports that these practices not only make the bathr... More » Home & Garden Decor Interior Decorating

One unique bathroom vanity cabinet looks like a wine barrel fit with a round copper sink and fixtures made of brushed bronze. The barrel has ample storage space, and the door pull is in the shape of a bunch of grapes. More » Home & Garden Decor Interior Decorating