Ceramic bathroom tile can be painted to change the look of the room. Painting the ceramic tile in a shower has a tendency to peel from the constant moisture. Ceramic floor tile should only be painted if the high-traffic ... More »

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One of the benefits of ceramic tiles is that they are hygienic and easier to clean than other materials are, as they don't absorb dirt. To clean a dirty tile, wipe it off, or apply detergent to clean old stains. Another ... More »

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Ceramic tile refinishing is a process that uses special primers and paints to change the color of existing tile without replacing it. It can be done as a do-it-yourself project or by hiring a professional. Some companies... More »

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To paint ceramic tile, clean the surface of the tile thoroughly, sand the tile to create a rougher finish, apply a bonding primer and then paint the tile with latex or epoxy paint. Since different types of tile and finis... More »

Paint ceramic tile by cleaning the surface, scuffing the tile with sandpaper, repairing any broken tile, applying primer, painting the tile, and sealing the new surface with urethane. Avoid painting tile that has repeate... More »

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Light colors, such as yellow, eggshell, white and off-white, make a room look bigger. Conversely, dark colors like slate and brown usually make a small space seem even smaller. More »

Painting a linoleum floor gives a room a new look. You need sandpaper, a deglossing agent, primer, a vacuum, a rag, porch and floor paint, paint brushes, paint pans and rollers, painter's tape and a stencil. More »

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