The four basic communication skills are speaking, listening, reading and writing. These basic skills enable people to send and receive information to and from one another for effective interaction. More »

The basic skills of softball are hitting, throwing, catching, fielding and base running. Players with these skills can operate well in both offense and defense. More »

Some basic communication skills are recognizing who the audience is, showing respect, giving a concise delivery and using an appropriate tone of voice. Body language is also important. More »

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The General Education Development test measures high school-level skills in science, mathematics, social studies, and reading and writing. To prepare for the Spanish version, become familiar with these subjects through S... More »

Get an assessment of your basic math skills by completing an online assessment test such as the one at You can also get a proctored mathematics skills assessment through a college or university. More »

Autism is developmental disability that varies greatly in its effects, but always interferes to some degree in a person's skills in communication and interaction, explains the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ... More »

Important basic management skills include leadership skills, communication skills and planning skills. Having decision making and problem solving skills is also essential for effective management. More »