articles recommends many useful phrases for travelers, such as "Non parlo bene l'italiano" (I do not speak Italian well) and "Parla inglese?" (Do you speak English?). Other useful words or phrases include "Sì" (Yes), ... More » Education

Some simple phrases in Italian are "grazie tante," which means "thank you very much," "mi scusi," which means "excuse me," "mi dispiace," which means "I'm sorry" and "non capisco," which means "I don't understand." Some ... More » Education

Popular Italian phrases are useful to know for exchanging greetings or pleasantries with others, and they include "buongiorno" for "good morning," "buono sera" for "good evening" and "ciao" for "hi." Other helpful phrase... More » Education
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Online resources such as Google Translate allow users to translate Latin words and phrases into English. Another online resource to use for Latin translations is Stars 21. More » Education

Some basic Portuguese words and phrases include "sim," which means "yes" in English, "não," which means "no" and "obrigado," which means "thank you." Other useful Portuguese words are "adeus," which is "goodbye," while "... More » Education

Some examples of simple French phrases include: "Parlez-vous anglais?" which means "Do you speak English?"; "Merci beaucoup," which means "Thank you very much" and "Comment allez-vous?" which means "How are you?" Audio p... More » Education

A common phrase in Vietnamese slang is "lên d?a," which translates to "on the plate" in English and refers to an awkward or undesirable set of circumstances. A person or object that is lên d?a is at the mercy of a situat... More » Education