SUM, COUNT, CONCATENATE and LEN are some basic formulas to use in Excel. These are predefined formulas that perform operations within user-specified parameters or arguments. Formulas begin with the equal sign, enclose pa... More » Technology Software

Use of tutorials and guides that provide helpful instructions can help you learn to create Excel formulas, and practicing these spreadsheet tools reinforces the knowledge. Use a guide to Excel spreadsheet equations, such... More » Technology Software

To enter a basic formula in Excel, enter an equal sign into the cell where you want to place the formula. This signals to Excel that the following input is formula input. The formula itself varies depending on the type o... More » Technology Software
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To subtract in Excel, enter the numbers in a cell using the formula =x-y, complete the same formula using the column and row headings of two different cells, or use the SUM function with negative numbers. Excel does not ... More » Technology Software

In Excel, the mean function is used to calculate the average of a set of numbers. The numbers used can come from any cell in an Excel spreadsheet by listing the cells involved into the average function box. More » Technology Software

Microsoft offers a free training center for Excel as of 2015. The database includes courses for Excel on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Alternatively, users can access a help database within Excel by pr... More » Technology Software

A table can be inserted in an Excel worksheet from the Table option found under the Insert tab. Simply select all the cells that needs to be included in the table and then insert the table. More » Technology Software