Installing replacement basement windows is not a big task if the framing already exists. However, you need to follow appropriate steps to accomplish the project successfully. More » Home & Garden Doors, Windows, & Locks

A window well cover covers your basement window. Window well covers prevent water, leaves, snow and dust from getting into the basement. The covers may also protect children and pets from falling into the basement. Insta... More » Home & Garden Decor

Install a prefabricated window well by placing the well in front of the window and marking its outline on the grass with a shovel. Remove the well, and dig out enough soil for the installation. Clean the wall, and attach... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

If your basement remodel includes a bedroom, building codes require an egress window in case of fire. If your windows do not meet these requirements, you must make modifications to meet the code by installing an egress w... More » Home & Garden Doors, Windows, & Locks

Before removing a window, it should be measured and a replacement ordered. When the replacement arrives the old window is removed and the new one installed. If just the glass is damaged it can be less work to just replac... More » Home & Garden Doors, Windows, & Locks

To replace a mobile home window, unscrew the old window, remove the window and its frame, clean off the old putty from the frame, apply new putty, and screw in place a new window. Check the new window to ensure that it i... More » Home & Garden Doors, Windows, & Locks

A homeowner doesn't need an expert to replace her storm windows. It is relatively easy to remove the old storm windows and install new ones. More » Home & Garden Doors, Windows, & Locks