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General contractors make approximately $28.55 per hour or an annual salary that ranges between $27,000 and $119,000 including bonuses, according to PayScale, as of 2015. Salary varies according to location and length of time in the position.


According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of a basement, based on the national average, is approximately $37,000. This cost includes raising a foundation, installing a foundation, installing a sump pump, sealing the basement or foundation, and installing flooring, cabinets and countertops. Keep in mind as


Some causes of water in basements include wall and floor leaks, improper slopes on the property and sewer backups. The presence of water in basements can be a health risk to home owners because of exposure to mold and its potential for electrocution due to proximity to electrical outlets.


Some good windows for basements are sliding windows, casements and double hung windows, states Replacement Windows for Dummies. Casement windows are the most energy efficient of the windows and allow in good amounts of natural light and air.


One way to heat a basement includes buying a stand-alone heating unit. A pellet or wood-burning stove must be vented, but an electric system only requires a wall outlet. Another heating method is to install radiant panels or heated floors.


The steps to finish a basement start with inspiration and plans. After the basement design is finalized, permits should be obtained from the city building department. Next, remove any mold, and waterproof the basement to prevent future mold growth. Complete any repairs to the basement structure befo


Some companies that finish basements are Total Basement Finishing and the Finished Basement Company. Total Basement offers services throughout the United States and Canada, and Finished Basement Company has operations in Colorado, Illinois and Minnesota.


The Free Dictionary defines an "English basement" as the lowest floor of a residential building that is partly below- and partly above-ground. According to the Washington Post, English basements are usually cheaper than above-ground apartments because of a lack of space and natural light.


Some interesting basement designs include a basement that looks like a playhouse, one that has lots of storage space, and a brewery with tasting bar. Other ideas are constructing a workout room or desiging a home office.


To find a good roofing contractor, look for three reputable companies in the area that have licenses and insurance. Then, ask each contractor to look at your house and submit a written bid. Also ask for their license number and proof of their liability and worker’s compensation insurance, and contac