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Used tin roofing can be purchased from online retailers and auction websites such as eBay. The roofing materials are often reclaimed from dated structures, sometimes hundreds of years old. Tin shingles can be acquired in bundles or in series of attached pieces.


Tin is a metal commonly used as a protective coating for materials susceptible to weathering. It is also used in the creation of metal alloys such as bronze and pewter.


Choosing a roof color that complements other elements of the home's exterior, such as the siding, doors, windows or landscape helps create a classic balanced look. A roof color that contrasts with those elements adds boldness and draws attention to the house.


Cars In Barns dedicates itself to photographing and sharing the stories of old and vintage cars sitting idle in barns, yards and driveways. Cars In Barns operates via its website, Carsinbarns.com, and features photographs submitted by the car owners and site visitors.


A TIN is a taxpayer identification number. It is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service or the Social Security Administration to identify American taxpayers and citizens. When issued from the SSA, the TIN is an SSN or a social security number.


Tin is an element that is made up of the mineral cassiterite and mined from the crust of the earth. The combination of cassiterite and carbon in a high heat setting forms the type of tin that is used in modern applications.


Today, most tin comes from southeast Asia and countries such as China, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia. Although tin was mined in England and the United States at one point in history, most tin is now found in the southern hemisphere, as there are no remaining subst...