DressingMyNest.com, HousePlansAndMore.com, RAMBuildings.com and Standout-Cabin-Designs.com provide images, plans and ideas for pole barn house designs. DressingMyNest.com is an interior design site that offers images and... More »

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Some design ideas for hanging barn doors include sliding traditional doors, reclaimed material doors and hinged contemporary doors. It is prudent to choose barn door designs that complement the general decor of the house... More »

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Design the layout for a pole barn by downloading the FBi Buildings Pole Barn Design Tool available on the company's official website, or visit The North American Farmer website for a step-by-step guide. Determine the bes... More »

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To design a pole barn house, first decide its dimensions based on its intended use. Choose the facade, doors and windows as well as the wall and flooring material for the inside. Use graph paper or design software to cre... More »

Pole barn house plans are house plans centered on a post-frame construction, explains Standout Cabin Designs. With this type of construction, there is no need for load-bearing walls or other types of interior support. Th... More »

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A pole barn house is a structure that is supported by large poles that are placed into the ground and anchored with concrete. A pole barn house does not require a foundation and uses wood or metal siding. It also usually... More »

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Examples of barn-style home designs include the Sunapee Cottage, Beacon Carriage House and Next-Gen Barn House by Yankee Barn Homes. Other examples are the Forest Valley Cottage and Catskills Home from American Post and ... More »

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