A bargaining unit employee is an employee who belongs to a labor union. The labor union represents the interests of a group of employees during negotiations or bargaining with the management of a company or organization. More »

A bargaining unit position is a position that is represented by a labor union. Bargaining unit employees are allowed to negotiate the hours they work, how much money they make and other conditions of their employment. More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Some landlords are open to negotiation regarding rental terms, which can include free utilities. Landlords in charge of small buildings and single apartments are typically easier to negotiate with than large management c... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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Some of the successes of the American Federation of Labor, or AFL, were its ability to convince the moderate factions of business to view collective bargaining as a more positive means of settling labor disputes, the dev... More » History Modern History US History

The state of Florida has a number of laws related to business and labor that every business owner should know. These laws involve minimum wage, new employment report, child labor and work compensation. These are designed... More »

Factors to consider when pricing pottery includes the cost of raw materials and other tasks, such as moving, storing, labor and kiln firing of the product. According to Jeff Zamek in Ceramic Industry Magazine, many potte... More »

Employee work schedules are determined by considering labor laws, creating an hourly chart based on the business needs, and incorporating vacations and holidays, notes Chron Small Business. These factors are all dynamic,... More »