A basic recipe for pickled eggs includes hard boiled, peeled eggs and a pickling solution that can vary from spicy to sweet and sour to dill flavored. Vinegar, salt and sugar are common ingredients in the pickling soluti... More » Food Cooking Dairy & Eggs

Food Network has simple and easy-to-follow recipes from two of its shows. Both Emeril Lagasse and The Kitchen's recipes use beets, but Emeril Lagasse's is a more sophisticated take on the dish. More » Food Cooking Dairy & Eggs

A popular recipe for pickled eggs is Emeril Lagasse's recipe called Pickled Eggs and Beets from his show Emeril Live on Food Network. The recipe can be found online at, and the ingredient list includes ap... More » Food Cooking Dairy & Eggs
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A simple recipe for pickled eggs uses a dozen hard-boiled eggs, 4 cups of vinegar, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 chopped, medium-sized onions, 1/3 cup sugar and 1 tablespoon pickling spices. Minus the eggs, boil all ingredients tog... More » Food Cooking Dairy & Eggs

Adding a teaspoon of lemon juice to the water may make hard boiled eggs easier to peel without affecting the taste of the eggs. Eggs that are placed directly in boiling water are much easier to peel than eggs that are st... More » Food Cooking Dairy & Eggs

Perfect hard boiled eggs are made by bringing water to boil in a large pot, lowering the eggs into the water and boiling them for around 30 seconds. Then, the heat should be reduced until the water is barely simmering, a... More » Food Cooking Dairy & Eggs

Martha Stewart and Simply Recipes recommend 12 minutes for perfect hard boiled eggs. Arrange 12 large eggs in a single layer and add cool water measuring about an inch above the eggs. Heat just to boiling, cover and set ... More » Food Cooking Dairy & Eggs