A picture graph is a visual method of displaying information that uses images or symbols to represent data. It includes a key or scale that indicates the value of each picture. More »

The National Center for Education Statistics states that on a bar graph where the bars are placed vertically, the y-axis runs vertically from the bottom to the top of the graph. On bar graphs where the bars run horizonta... More »

To make a bar graph in Microsoft Excel, first open the appropriate spreadsheet, and select the data you want to represent. Ensure the data is in columns and that there are no blank cells. Also, name the column and row he... More »

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A compound bar graph breaks down data by splitting the columns to represent information comprising each bar. For example, a bar graph representing state employment rates can be turned into a compound bar graph by subdivi... More »

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The purpose of graphical presentation of data is to provide a quick and easy-to-read picture of information that clearly shows what otherwise takes a great deal of explanation. The impact of graphical data is typically m... More »

Colaizzi's method of data analysis is an approach to interpreting qualitative research data, often in medicine and the social sciences, to identify meaningful information and organize it into themes or categories. The ap... More »

A horizontal bar graph is a visual representation of data that include a series of horizontal bars representing numerical amounts. Variations in the lengths of the bars allows for quick comparisons. More »